General Rules For Council-Managed Recreation Facilities

General Rules For All Council-Managed Cultural & Recreation Facilities

In Terms Of Bylaw Chapter 8

A     For the Control, Management and Use of the Council Facility

  1. The day-to-day management and operation of the facility and the enforcement of the bylaw and associated rules is delegated to the Council Officer.  This gives the on-site facility management the authority to direct and control the use of the facility.
  2. All facility staff are authorised to act as the Council Officer when circumstances require action in regard to emergency or operational issues.
  3. The Council Officer is authorised to decide that no further admission to the facility will be permitted when the maximum capacity has been reached.
  4. The Council Officer is authorised to deploy any security or equipment to aid in the proper functioning of the facility.
  5. Where appropriate authorised contractors or volunteers have same powers as staff referred to in 2 above.

B     Determination of Hours of Operation

  1. Determining the hours of operation is delegated to the Group Manager responsible.
  2. Further delegation to Council Officers is permitted.

C     Maintaining Good Order and Conduct

  1. No person shall engage in inappropriate behaviour within or adjacent to the facility.  This includes but is not limited to:
    • unauthorised use of a facility or equipment;
    • misuse of, or interference with, equipment, displays or facilities;
    • failure to follow instructions of staff;
    • unauthorised use of image recording equipment;
    • being intoxicated or under the influence of drugs;
    • annoying other users or staff;
    • smoking;
    • graffiti or vandalism;
    • littering;
    • using obscene language;
    • obstruction of staff in their duty;
    • behaviour which may be considered offensive;
    • allowing animals into a Council facility unless authorised by a Council Officer.
  2. Any person who, in the opinion of a Council Officer, commits a breach of any of the provisions of this bylaw or associated rules shall provide his/her full name and address if requested to do so.

D     Fees and Charges

  1. From time to time the Council will set fees and charges for facility and equipment use, products and services, and admission fees.  The facility staff are authorised to apply the charges as they consider appropriate.
  2. It is an offence against this bylaw for any person to gain admission, use a service or acquire a product without paying the appropriate fee (if a fee is required).

E     Closure

1.  A Council Officer is authorised to hire out all or part of a Council facility on such terms and conditions as are agreed between the parties.

2.  A Council Officer may close facilities or part thereof in an emergency or for operational reasons.