Earthquake Prone Information

A recent comprehensive engineering report has shown that The Southern Trust Event Centre’s overall building rating is below 34%, meaning it has been designated as earthquake prone.

This doesn’t mean it is dangerous to occupy and use it just means that it wouldn’t perform as well as a new building would during a significant earthquake.

Under the earthquake prone building provisions in the Building Act, this means the council has 25 years to resolve these issues.

The overall score for the building is based on the lowest score of any part of the building. While the gym, lounge and hockey clubrooms are below 34%, the main courts, entry foyer and front offices are all well above this.

Aerial Picture of STEC showing the earthquake status of each area

What next for STEC?

STEC will remain open and available for sporting, events and tenants use as normal. You won’t see much change on a day to day basis.

There will be some restrictions on what type of event can be hosted in the lounge area, and you will notice propping already in place along the south wall of the gym.

This seismic report will feed into the current project to redevelop the Centre and Aorangi Park as a whole.

All the issues outlined here will be resolved fully as part of this project.