Covid-19 Operating Conditions - Court Use

Stay home if you’re sick and do not take part in sport or recreation if you have flu-like symptoms, self-isolate at home and get tested immediately.

STEC is staffed, in general during weekday daytime hours, 8.30am-4.30pm, and from time to time outside these hours.  There are 3 staff members, one who works part-time. There will be additional cleaning and hygiene tasks for staff to perform as part of their routine work.

The recent lockdown came about to contain/manage the spread of the Delta variant of Covid 19.  The Delta variant is more contagious than the earlier version, so the protocols and information that follow differs in many ways from that used previously.

The following is required under protocols established by Government, with refinement from other responsible bodies.

Signs throughout the Centre will provide consistent messaging, with reminders to wash hands, physical distancing, etc.

It will be the responsibility of individual sports organisations to manage and implement all rules/protocols related to their sport’s use of the Centre, with STEC staff providing oversight, coordination and routine cleaning.

If your sport/organisation does not agree or cannot meet the requirements, the booking/s will be postponed until such time as agreement is made and signed off.

Note that with the front entry doors remaining locked during your activity, exiting the venue in emergencies will still be possible.  Restricting entry is the requirement.

Contact tracing for Level 2 Delta

Contact tracing is compulsory.  So people entering have to use the STEC QR code, sign the tracing sheets or if available, a specific tracing code for the sport.

This information should be retained and accessible at all times for contact tracing purposes up to 8 weeks after the contact was recorded.

Mask wearing at Level 2 Delta

Organisers for the sport are considered customer facing roles, so mask wearing is compulsory.

Mask wearing is compulsory for arrival at the venue and through the foyer to enter the courts.

Mask wearing is compulsory when moving through the foyer and using the toilets.

Mask wearing is compulsory at all times for spectators.

Mask wearing is not compulsory for umpires/referees/players pre-game and game time when in the court area.

Coaches, scorers, reserves may opt to wear a face mask as a personal preference during their time in the court area.

Mask wearing is compulsory post game and exiting the court area.

Organisers will enquire with coaches/teams/players/officials several days prior to the booking if anyone will not be wearing a mask and for what reason. Forgetting to wear a mask on the day of the booking is not a reason.

The organisers may choose to provide masks but must exclude people from the Centre for not wearing a face mask without good reason.  A medical condition is an example of a good reason.

Physical distancing and gathering for Level 2 Delta

Gatherings, where people cannot physically distance are restricted to a maximum of 100 people.  For sport and recreation, a gathering includes spectators, players, support staff, etc but excludes referees/officials and venue staff.

People are encouraged to remain 2 metres apart, particularly where they do not know people. In controlled situations, where people are known to each other, then at least 1 metre apart is encouraged.

Care should be taken to avoid more than 50 people congregating at communal points such as entries and car parks.


Allow sufficient blocks of time between rounds for users to exit the venue, with time between to enable exiting, any cleaning and entry of a new group.

Teams should congregate together outside the locked front doors with appropriate distancing or remain in individual vehicles, while waiting to be admitted to the venue.

Sanitise hands upon entering the Centre

Good personal hygiene practices should continue – wash and dry your hands before and after activities, cough into elbow and don’t touch your face.

For sports activities, surfaces and equipment must be regularly cleaned and disinfected where practicable.  Don’t share equipment among people.

All non-essential equipment is banned. If practicable, all balls to be provided only by the main hirer ie, Netball SC, Basketball SC.

Personal items such as drink bottles, food and towels should not be shared.

For activities, such as all day sports events and tournaments, controlling access into and out of the venue will be necessary as the front doors must remain locked.  So let people out or in, but relock the door.

Do not let anyone in to the venue who is not part of the group as this will compromise your “activity bubble”.

If for whatever reason, you are not getting compliance with any of the above or there is unacceptable behaviour from individuals, please call the Police or Richard Benson, the Centre Team Leader on 021 1568711.

What I will need from all Hirers before they can use STEC

Relevant documents signed off, acknowledging your sport’s commitment to implement and follow the rules and protocols.

A written health and safety plan (on email will be fine) indicating how you will implement the rules/protocols, getting your groups into and out of the venue, monitoring behaviour in the venue, volunteers needed, storage of information, cleaning equipment, etc to be received no later than 48 hours prior to the first scheduled booking

What STEC will provide/do

The NZ Covid Tracer QR Code displayed throughout the Centre.

Offer to hold on to any paperwork used for contact tracing for an 8 week period and then destroy.

Hand washing facilities in downstairs bathrooms.

Hand sanitiser if requested

Routine cleaning of surfaces within STEC

Tables/chairs as needed, set up at entry points

Set up the court area to the requirements of the sport with any exemptions to this specified ie, no electronic scoreboards

No use of Centre microphone

No use of the electronic scoreboards, unless for finals of a competition

Restricted seating within the court area

Controlled access on to the staircase.

Provide relevant signage/information where areas are restricted from use

Wifi password if requested for streaming the matches. Early advice on this would be appreciated, so I can inform our provider.  You may also want to come in several days prior to do a trial run.